Is This Considered Elitist?

As many of you, I get emails from well intended folks, sometimes family members, that proclaim a “spiritual” message and then impose a bit of guilt if you happen to be the one that does not forward the email to your friends and family.

That whole process bothers me.

I received such an email today and here are its final words:

This is the simplest test. If you Love God, and are not ashamed of all the
marvelous things he has done for you.. Send this  on .  A nation no longer under God is a nation gone under.

Now as well intended as that message is I’m not certain about “A nation no longer under God is a nation gone under.” Aren’t there many nations around the world that might be considered as “no longer under God,” if they ever were in the first place?  Most of them exist today and seem to fair a bit better than we are as a country right now. 

Having founding fathers that attempted to establish our nation with a spiritual birth right as “One Nation Under God….” does not necessarily give us a guarantee of prosperity or longevity. To think that is rather elitist in my opinion. We get so absorbed in our Western culture mentality that we often fail to realize there is a huge portion of the globe that finds its strength in  deities other than ours. Does that make them doomed?  Spiritually perhaps as they live without the gospel, but I suspect in no other way.

It’s accurate to believe a culture without the underpinnings of faith can find itself mired in all sorts of difficulties – morally, monetarily, and otherwise. Yet, this country, from its very beginning has struggled with many issues that we prefer to sweep under the rug -slavery is just one example. Does that make us less faithful or spiritual or God-dependent?   Have we lost our moral compass because our whole society is not on the “Jesus Saves” bandwagon?  Has there ever been a time when a whole culture was wholly committed to the God of the Bible?

I’m no historian or anthropologist, but it seems that over the centuries cultures have come and gone. Cities, towns, people-groups have risen and fallen perhaps not so much because they didn’t believe, but because they could not adapt. Perhaps we, as a nation, will find ourselves in that same predicament.  To think it could not happen to us is indeed rather elitist.


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