The Near-Death of America

I’ll freely admit from the beginning I am not a historical scholar. Nor could I be remotely considered a huge fan of history. However, there are a few things I know. Our country was founded on certain principles by men of principle. They were not perfect, but they were well aware of what the thumb of British tyranny had given them and they knew they did not want that for this brave new world called America.

When Washington and his men captured the town of Trenton the day after Christmas, 1776, he gave strict orders that the prisoners were to be treated fairly. No one was to be harmed or mistreated. He did not want his men to stoop to the level that they had experienced by the British and Hussein forces. Those soldiers slaughtered their captors – without mercy. Washington would have none of that. He would show them the character of this new America and the people who fought to free her.

It was that kind of character and honor that enveloped the framers of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It was that kind of character that was reflected in our most sacred documents. It was that kind of character that the founding fathers hoped to instill in the people of America knowing all along how fragile that character was. They knew that it would only take one man, one ideology, one misrepresentation of the truth to undermine the entire system of the Republic.

Well, it may not have been one man, or one period in time, or a single ideology, but what our founding father’s feared may now be upon us. We are experiencing the slow death of America. The land that was once the home of the brave is now becoming the home of an ideology that will bring us almost full circle. A nation of “rebels” who once fought for freedom under unimaginable circumstances is now finding itself being swept swiftly by the current of socialism into an unrecognizable condition.

We have so-called representatives in government who do not listen to their constituents. Representatives that think, for whatever reason they know what’s best for the country – more than the people who make up the country.  They ignore polls, demonstrations and floods of email or faxes, only to write the criticism off as perpetrated by delusional tea baggers being swept along under false pretenses by people on the right who have only one thing on their mind, destroy the president’s agenda.

We have a government that has its focus on a political agenda not a passion for what’s best for the American people. The issue is not jobs or the economy that garner their attention, it is government-run healthcare, cap-and-trade and strengthening labor unions. Their agenda has nothing to do with the citizens of America, it has to do with their idea of what government should look like and act like. Something that is far afield of what our founding fathers had envisioned. Their role is not to uphold the Constitution of the United States, but to rewrite that Constitution. To footnote it through the judicial system in such a way that it looks like they want it to look and says what they want it to say.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out they do not want individual liberties or a bill of rights. They want government control of virtually every aspect of our lives so that we can be their pawns doing their bidding.  In the early years of our nation’s history that was called slavery!

I’ll miss the United States of America. I’ll miss the pride in our flag, the tear in my eye when singing the national anthem, the immense gratitude that has turned to regret for the men and women who fought under a pretense of preserving our country’s values only to find out that our President and his minions have no regard for our nation’s heritage and choose instead to bow before foreign leaders with hat in hand because they now “own” us!

I will always wonder if a politician was ever honest in their dealings. If they ever once meant the words of the oath of office where they swore to “UPHOLD” the Constitution of the United States or if they simply said what they needed to say in order to fulfill the exercise.

I’ll always wonder if “freedom of speech” is a gift only for those who think they are in the right and not for the average citizen without being mocked or ridiculed by those who sit in the shadow of our nation’s capitol.

I’ll always wonder what other business of the nation was conducted behind closed doors under a veil of secrecy and treachery.

I’ll always wonder what else I missed by not paying attention and if perhaps I wouldn’t be better off now not knowing what I know.

I’ll always have a tinge of guilt knowing that my grandchildren will experience the full force and fury of a national debt that will cripple them in such a way that they may never feel free.

I wonder what I will do when China or Saudi Arabia calls in our loan and we collapse and find ourselves living under a flag that we do not recognize.

I wonder what I’ll do when the government knocks on my door and says, “I’m here to help.”

What will I do if they decide to take my guns.

What will I do if they decide to take my money and give it to some one who hasn’t worked a day in their life – oh wait, they do that now! They just want to do it on a grander scale.

I wonder when God will say, “I’ve had enough. It is over!” Or does he have any vested interest in this country other than it probably has more churches per capita than any other country in the world. Do those buildings matter if many of the people in those buildings are just as lethargic spiritually as they are politically?

Is America near death or simply experiencing a near-death moment?


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