The Words of Christ

If you’re reading this, sorry about the format, I brought the post over from a different document in my Bible Study program and I can’t seem to reformat it.
When it comes to the story in John’s gospel of the woman caught in adultery (Ch. 8), you will hear sermons and read studies that focus on what Jesus wrote on the ground. Much speculation has been given to the content of that scribbling. But that is not what convicted or convinced the Pharisees of their own sin. It was the spoken word of Jesus that tormented their soul. It was the spoken word that convicted their heart and brought their own sin front and center. It was the spoken word that exposed the dirt in their own existence and the hypocrisy of their accusation against the woman, regardless of how true her own sin might have been at that moment.
Time and again in the ministry of Christ it is the spoken word that “stills the storm” of man’s rebellion towards God. It is the spoken word that pushes back the curtain of our own hypocrisy and exposes our own sin however trivial we may have determined it to be. It is the spoken word of Christ that makes the demon’s tremble and the fig tree whither. Too often we look at the miracles and the actions of Christ and sit in wonder at his divine prowess. But it is the spoken word of God that convicts and convinces us we are estranged from God and purely pitiful in that alienation. So too it is the spoken word of Christ – “Go – from now on sin no more!” that propels us into a new and right relationship with God. Not that we could ever be sinless, though that is our aspiration, but that we can and must sin less as a result of our faith in Christ.
The spoken word of Christ that convinced the woman at the well, “here is a man that told me everything I did” is the same word of Christ that exposes our own sin and causes us to believe. It doesn’t take a tent revival or a crusade of magnanimous proportions, it simply takes the spoken word of Christ to bring  us to faith. And it is that spoken word of Christ that empowers us to live in that relationship by faith.
Whether the words of Christ are in red or not, his word brings life. His word unlocks the stubbornness of our soul and opens the door of invitation for him to change us and make us anew in the image of God.  Whether it is our first step of faith or somewhere far along on our pilgrimage, it is still the word of Christ that transforms us in to peacemakers, the poor in spirit, the meek and those who hunger and thirst after righteousness.


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3 responses to “The Words of Christ

  1. Very good word Norm. I think we’ve hit on something we both totally agree on. Enjoyed the read. Have a great Christmas and New Year Brother.


  2. If you transfer the format to a text file (like notepad), it will remove the formatting. Then just take it to your blog. Hope this helps.


  3. Norm

    I actually transferred the piece from my “notes” file in E-Sword. It has all the attributes of a Word document so I’m not certain why I couldn’t remove the formatting. I’ll give you suggestion a try. Thanks.


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