What If….

The other evening my wife and I attended a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace seminar. I had given Ramsey’s book to my wife last Christmas and she really liked his concepts so she signed us up for the seminars at a local church.

During the video session there were several illustrations of how small steps produce large results when it comes to financial planning. He demonstrated the principle of compound interest and how money accumulates exponentially under its power.  As I sat there and listened I thought, “What if I had only started saving small amounts years ago, perhaps we would not have concern over whether or not we could retire comfortably.”

As I pondered the idea later that night and the following day I realized there are a good many burdens that come with “what if” here are just a few that weigh heavily on me:

  • What if one of us loses our job?
  • What if our home is broken into or we are assaulted on the street?
  • What if we can’t recover from the financial hit over the past couple of years and have to keep working?
  • What if our kids don’t really care whether we’re a part of their lives or not?
  • What if Jesus does come back as our Pastor is so found of stating?
  • What if I never write another word?

Many years ago a mentor of mine stated that “worry is like a rockin’ chair. It will give you something to do, but won’t get you anywhere.”  Living under the shadow of what if is akin to that. It handicaps me in many ways and prevents me from taking action – positive or negative. I kick around different scenarios that could release me from the shackles of what if but I very seldom take action.  It seems it’s easier to simply get to the end and sigh “what if.”

I’m pretty certain I’m not alone in all of this what if stuff. In fact, a friend of mine and his son have produced a feature fill on this very topic. Oddly enough it’s titled “What If.”  You can see the trailer for the movie here.   Checking Jerry’s blog today surprised me with this whole concept.  Somewhere in my mind I recall his talking about this movie, but other than that, I hadn’t given it much thought.  So seeing it on his blog was one of those “ah ha” moments. A realization that many of us masticate on the idea of what if.

Frankly, I’m not certain how I’ll address the many what if scenarios in my life. I hope to take action on some, others will most likely slop around in my mind. Then again what if…..


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  1. James Warren

    I pretty much let the Holy Spirit take care of the “what if’s” – as this denotes a future event. Did I always do this? Heavens no. (Do I still do it? Sh-h-h-h – yep.) The unknown is always a little scary sometimes esp when thinking about something that could be a negative outcome. I think we can all relate to this Norm. If we are aware of the problem, we can generally do something about it though – like letting Christ handle it. Didn’t He say somewhere to “Cast your cares on Me?”

    As for your list – wouldn’t like the last one bud. So – keep writing.



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