Transition in Progress

There are literally millions in “our” position – having one or more income producers laid off.  For us, the lay off came much later than we actually expected it, especially because my wife works in the home building industry. An industry that has taken more than its share of lumps in the last couple of years.

Even though we’re not alone in our situation, we may be in a minority when it comes to those who have prepared in a reasonable fashion for such a circumstance.  That should not be interpreted as being able to maintain our current standard of living – whatever that means – but it is a declaration that we will be able to maintain critical areas of our life; home, food, and utilities for some time.

What it also means is that my faith will need to raised to new levels in order to deal with the situation in a calm and trusting manner. I don’t do well with significant change – actually, change of any kind – very well.  It throws me off kilter and lifts my levels of anxiety to new and, in my opinion, disturbing heights.

In the midst of all of this, I continue to be extremely thankful that God has hitched my life to that of a woman whose faith is unparalleled and whose strength of character is and always has been an inspiration to me and others.

This new chapter in our life will, without a doubt, stretch us.  It will “force” us to take stock of our priorities. From time to time, I’ll share my struggles and victories as we turn the pages.


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