Pause for the Cause

I’m still struggling with the idea but not exactly surprised.

In a recent blog post there is a commentary on a new book regarding myths about Christians and evangelicals.  To summarize the theme, basically folks (we’ll call them people without a primary denominational affiliation) have a strong distrust or, if you please, dislike for evangelical Christians.   Now I’m not opposed to agreeing with that concept. Heck, I’m a Christian and have a rather strong distrust of Christians at times, especially Christian business people. Nevertheless, what concerned me was the idea that the author kept his faith quite out of concern for the potential of controversy, until he had received tenure.

Now here’s the rub. You may have heard it said, “if you were charged with being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?”  Apparently the author was able to keep his faith under wraps not only by a lack of open confession, but also as evidenced ( or not evidenced) by his life’s testimony.  I would like to think this whole thing is unusual but I suspect there are many of us that might fall under that same umbrella.

I regularly wonder how my life evidences my faith during my daily walk.  Do my co-workers know there’s “something different” about me besides simply being different! Would they be surprised if I told them I had been a pastor, or taught Bible studies, or went to church?  Or would they mumble under their breath, “If that’s what being a Christian is, I’m not interested.” Have I done a good enough job to keep my faith quiet until I get “tenure?”  It sure gives me pause for the cause.


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