Politics Run Amok

I may be one of the very few who watched, of all things, Al Franken’s speech at a Netroots convention in Las Vegas tonight on Fox News.  Probably one of the very few because the major “news” networks did not cover this event or think it worthy of network time.  Having watched Franken and a small piece from Pelosi and Reid, I can see why they didn’t cover the event.

Of course there was the typical Bush bashing – you’d think these people would have come out from under the shadow of Bush by now, but apparently it’s he’s good cover for their bad politics – Franken, of all things blamed the major news networks of being against Democrats and their policies. Is he living on the same planet as everyone else, or watching the same network news as everyone else?  In the past year and a half you could not find more favorable coverage from the big three then what they’ve been doling out to the Democrats.

Now, a good portion of his speech – remember now these are network bloggers, progressive network bloggers, he’s talking to – was devoted to the threat of major corporations such as Disney, Viacom, Verizon, and others taking over the internet and controlling not only the “pipe, but also what comes down the pipe.”  In other words, if corporations are left unchecked, they will soon control the internet and the content of the internet and interrupt free speech and the openness of the internet vehicle.   Hence government has to step in and control the internet to protect it from these vultures.  Uhm……what’s worse, corporations controlling the internet or government?!!!   Wow, that’s a tough call.

Of course, Franken was preaching to the choir in this particular venue, but even so he was unashamed to say he and other progressives like him did not get all they’d hoped for from their Democratic president and democratically controlled congress and senate. Yet he encouraged them that they are just a few votes shy of having enough progressives on the Democratic side to thrust even more government takeover down the throats of America.

Yes, Obama and the Democrats are living up to the campaign promise of “fundamentally changing our country.”  But they are doing so at the major distaste of a majority of Americans. Dare I say the vast majority of Americans.  It’s time we stopped this juggernaut of so-called reform and tell the Democratic party that enough is enough.  WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!

We don’t need guns to do this – although Franken thought it necessary to mention that in his speech. We need tough-minded, fair-minded people who are willing to stand up and say the Constitution matters; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness matters; and personal responsibility and pursuit of the American dream matters.

I’ve seen what Republicans do when they are in control, I’m watching what Democrats/progressives do when the have the upper hand. Frankly, Franken, I prefer the Republicans. Not because they are right all the time, but because they know that Government is not the end all and be all of a Republic. Yes, Government can usurp individual rights under a democracy. There the majority rules. But we are a Republic – which means less government and more State’s rights. It means less government and more individual freedoms. It means more choice and less entitlements.

Let’s restore our Republic and the grand things it stands for. Get involved. Find out what’s happening, what government is really telling you when you pull back the curtain.  Think about where the road ends when government controls virtually every aspect of your life and freedom becomes a distant memory.  Support strong candidates in your own state and other states when they represent the things that are important to you. Cut through the veneer of lofty words and finally staged rhetoric. Push for straight answers to tough questions. Don’t waste the opportunity this November or ANY NOVEMBER to let your voice be heard!


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  1. Hi Norm, You mean you listened to Franken for an hour (or however long his speech was)? You’re a better man than I am.

    The socialist’ have our life and pursuit of happiness. If we let them, they’ll take our liberty as well.

    However, Norm We’ve read the end of the book and know how it ends. The amount of time that is left isn’t even worth arguing about. If Christ doesn’t come in the next 8-12 years, I’ll be amazed.

    Have a great day bud and keep writing.


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