A Bit of Baseball Reflection

It’s Little League World Series time and as one might expect, I’m catching every game I can on ESPN.

I love this brand of baseball. For me, it’s the purest form of the sport. No mega-million dollar players. No $500 a seat tickets being sold. No $5 hotdogs or a $6 glass of beer.  Simply baseball by kids who love the sport and the stands filled with fans who love the kids!  Can’t get much better than that.

The emotion of the game is also something that appeals to me. One minute the players are slapping high fives, the next minute they may be in tears. The stare down the pitcher during one at bat, then walk way sobbing after a frustrating strike out the next at bat.  Pitchers sulk after a base hit and jump up and down after a big strike out. Fielders  make incredible catches one minute than fumble the simplest ground ball the next.   How can anyone NOT enjoy this microcosm of America’s game?

There is a suspicion that I enjoy this series so much because it becomes a vicarious way to relive my own baseball prowess! 🙂    Actually, I loved playing the game but at the Little League age was  not very good at it.  I could pitch – but was simply a one-pitch pitcher. A sidearm fast ball.   When I played first base, I was tall enough to stretch for the not-so-perfect throw from my fellow infielders, but not good enough to scoop a firmly hit grounder. When it came to hitting, I was one of those foot-in-the-bucket-eyes-closed-swing-and-hope kind of hitters.  But, did I mention I loved playing the game?

I believe there are times when we make life more complicated than it should be. Times when we  encumber “life” with so much clutter that it ceases to be fun. It languishes in activity and seldom accomplishes much. I long for a simple life smothered with love, lathered with laughter and sprinkled with memory making moments.  As a result, I watch a bit of baseball each year at this time and relax in the simplicity of it all.


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  1. Good job Norm, I can just about smell the peanuts and the $5 hot dogs.

    My dad played semi-professional baseball and I was privileged to be bat boy on a number of occasions. He’d also (before a game) hit me fly balls with the fungo bat.

    Dad had the prettiest swing in baseball and was the NW batting champ of 1953. When dad stepped up to the plate to take his cuts, it was fun watching the outfield shift – mostly by backing up.

    He knew many of the greats. I played city league for many years as a pitcher myself. I had a mean roundhouse curve. I had em ducking many times as the ump yelled, “Strike three – you’re out.” I even had scouts looking at me and then. . . . .I quit playing baseball. Had other interests (the ladies, one of which, I married). Dopey me.

    I only found out later that they were looking at me. Who knows where I may have been if I had followed the sport. Oh well.

    Both of my boys played sports and like you, I remember their games. Man I miss those times. Very nostalgic piece for me Norm. Thanks. Enjoy the youngin’s and GB.


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