Now This Make Sense – Taxes

I read a few blogs. Most of them “Christian” in nature. As I have done from time to time, many of these are now offering political comment.  Even the Jesus Creed Blog has taken a jaunt down that path a time or two, which has been very disappointing. Especially since Scot makes no effort to conceal his leaning left tendencies.

It’s unfortunate, but many of these blogs, including my own, consist of a good deal of ranting. Not that that’s bad, it just doesn’t bring much to the table when it comes to rational argument for or against a particular position.  From time to time, in the midst of it all, there appears a short, succinct and rational voice that speaks to the heart of the issue.  The latest commentary on the current tax debate in Washington by Joel Belz in WORLD Magazine is one of them.  It’s definitely worth the read.  Enjoy.


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