Far Afield or Not?

Over the past several months, I’ve attempted to avoid politics as a subject on this blog. I made that decision because I was getting tired of those types of posts on other blogs that I follow.  However, on Yahoo there was this “news” article regarding Arizona and the recent shootings there.  The gist of the article was simple, Arizona is a seed-bed of hatred and bigotry. It represents all that is bad in America.  At least that’s how I came away from the article.

If reasonable gun laws, steps to reign in uncontrolled illegal immigration, and the courage to resist unreasonable actions by the federal government are bad, then perhaps more states should be “bad”.  It seems to me that it’s just plain wrong to think doing the right thing and doing things right is somehow subversive and detrimental to the state as a whole.  Without fleshing out each segment touched on in the article suffice it to say, I’d be happy to live in AZ.  I’m encouraged by Governor Brewer’s courage in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.  I impressed that the state’s government is willing to push back on the federal government and call their hand on an issue that they should be taking the lead on. Instead, when the state acts to protects its citizens, they get sued by the government.   Does that mean Arizona’s approach to addressing illegal immigration is the right approach. I’m not certain. What I am certain about is it’s about time a state did something to make a step toward truly closing our borders and pushing back those who chose to come and pillage our freedoms.

Regarding gun laws – since this will become an issue now in wake of the tragedy committed in Tuscon almost a week ago – Arizona’s approach should be replicated across all states. The Second Amendment is a right. It’s not an option. The ability to carry a firearm, openly or concealed, is due every American.  Was it dastardly that a University or local law enforcement did not make the appropriate reports so that the gun shop processing the application for the gun could have been denied appropriately – ABSOLUTELY.  But let’s be fair – if this individual had chosen to use is old Chevy Nova to run these people down instead of shooting them, would there be a cry for cars to be kept off the road or restricted only to those who pass stringent requirements?  Of course not. But because it was a handgun he used, we somehow think that restricting the rights of all Americans or banning gun ownership totally is the right step.  It’s not. I’d like to see all of our elected officials armed in order to protect themselves if necessary. I’m fine with allocating funds to allow local law enforcement to “protect” them, if necessary, at local events. But to push for additional draconian laws will do nothing but ensure only the criminals will have guns.

The political steps Arizona has taken recently, or may take in the future, are the state’s business. Just like the Governor in RI has the right to ban government employees from “talk radio” – either listening to it on the job or being a guest on one of the shows.  Will they always do the right thing? Perhaps not from the lefts perspective. But they have every right to do what they think is best for the state and its residents.  Will the people of Arizona agree with every action taken by its elected officials? Probably not. Does that mean they should be embarrassed or support their state less? Why should it.  I don’t agree with everything done in NC. Nor did I agree with all the actions taken in any of the other states we’ve lived in.  But it is what it is.  I can exercise my dissatisfaction at the polls.

Do I agree with the Democratic agenda pushed on the American people the last two years? No.  Will I agree with everything the Republicans do the next couple of years? No.   Does that mean I will still stand, hold my hand over my heart when I say the pledge of Allegiance of sing the Star Spangled Banner? Yes!  Does that mean I will have the same tears welling up when I see our flag displayed proudly or carried on the back of a little boy’s bike escorted by dozens of Veterans on his way to a school – a school which said the flag is not appropriate? Yes!



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2 responses to “Far Afield or Not?

  1. Hi Norm

    Sorry I haven’t been by in a while. Have been very busy writing, trying to finish my second book. I am 70% done. Proud of myself dude. I hope to finish a a month. This will be my quickest writing. There have been days that I wasn’t even ON the computer. Anyway, on to your blog. Good job, as per normal.

    I agree with your concluding assessment Norm. Very well put. The only thing about your analogy, although well intended – and I understand what you are saying – is that a nine-millimeter pistol is easier to hide than a Chevy Nova.

    I believe that Wall mart should feel somewhat culpable in the shooting. At least that one store. The clerk at the first Walmart refused Jarod the ammo, as well as he should have.

    The laws of the state should be somewhat to blame for lack of control and good back ground checks.

    Back ground checks do NOT rob us of our 2nd Amendment rights. If we are a criminal, then he shouldn’t have a weapon. Period. Only one way to tell and that’s with a back ground check.

    I am a FULL believer in the 2nd Amendment, trust me, but I believe in registration and back ground checks, which Oregon has. These protect us ALL without impeding our 2nd Amendment rights You want a pistol, you have to wait, as you should. If you’re okay, then by all rights, buy one with my blessings.

    I bet there are a couple parents who wish that the service, a college, some friends, Walmart AND the police should have said or done something about the guy and his status as a sane(?), law abiding citizen. That guy at the first Walmart should be recognized somehow. Wonder how the events of the day would have transpired had the second Walmart would have refused him as well> Hm-m-m-m-m.


  2. Norm

    Thanks for stopping by James. Hope you have a good flow going for finishing your book.

    I was chuckling the other day when my wife and I were talking about our son in-law Ben getting his thesis published by a well known German theological publishing house. His title: Christosis – Pauline Soteriology in Light of Deification in Irenaeus and Cyril of Alexandria. How’s that for a mouthful! 🙂 He is some kind of smart man!


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