Revolution – Really?

I’ve thought quite a bit about what’s happening in Egypt. Like many others, I don’t understand either the politics involved or the true desire of those protesting.  If it’s for a form of democracy, than that may be a good thing. It can also be nothing more than “free” elections, which do not always work out the way folks might wish.  If they are desirous of better working and living conditions than that has merit. If it’s something else, than perhaps time will expose that intent.

One thing that has given me great pause is this – when in confrontation, the Egyptian people through rocks and flaming bottles at each other.  Were the same type of demonstration/revolution initiated here and the two disagreeing factions collide, I’m not certain rocks  would be the weapon of choice. People own guns here!  Real guns, with real bullets. Real guns with real bullets that can make people real dead.    We had that type of revolution once. My hope would be we would not have that type of revolution again.

It’s true, we gained our “freedom” with that initial revolution. We gained respect and found ourselves as a nation. But it was not pretty. Thousands died on each side of the cause. The conditions of war were unimaginable. The weather was abysmal, the equipment for the revolutionaries was meager at best. Out numbered on every count, those marching under the flag of freedom and democracy persevered until the oppressors found their way back across the pond.

I don’t know much. But what I do know is this – the bigger government gets, the more it thinks it can control the people governed.  Maybe two hundred years of government growth has blurred the eyes of those who are elected to govern.

Was that a rock I just heard busting the window of big government?



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3 responses to “Revolution – Really?

  1. The demonstrations you see here isn’t mainstream America. It is the union protesters who are helping to bankrupt this nation. Check out the One Nation site and the get together by two comedians and the unions. There were 300 entities supporting them (all were communistic. To learn more, watch Beck and then DO YOUR OWN research.

    The first revolution was fought with knifes and muskets. This next revolution will be fought with machine guns, missiles, jet fighters, tanks, and smart bombs. If the government has their way, it won’t be much of a revolution when they implement gun control and confiscation. Its getting ugly Norm. Look up because your redemption draweth nigh.

    As for Egypt, lets pray that the Islamic Brotherhood does NOT get into power. Democracy is a front and soft words used by the media. Can’t say mainstream media anymore because FOX is the mainstream now.

    All I know Norm is that God is still in control and He hasn’t been surprised by any of this. History is on track. GBY Brother and keep writing dude.


  2. Norm

    I’m not sure I’m as fatalistic or futuristic as you seem to be James. But I do appreciate your thoughts.


  3. kim holmes

    Revolution is almost always fueled by a background interest. Here i would not doubt it would be more deadly,As was always stated, greed is one of the most evil of sins. I would not doubt what is behind quite a lot of things. Power,money, oil as well as other resources etc.often fuel change from behind the scenes what i wonder is if it can be used unwittingly for good instead of it’s intended evil.


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