The Christmas Miracle

It’s early Christmas eve morning. As I enjoy a cup of hazelnut cinnamon coffee and marvel at the wonderful Christmas tree my wife created, I’m taking a moment to ponder the Christmas miracle.

In a recent Hallmark holiday movie they regularly referred to Christmas as a “magical time.” Magical not just for little kids, but for adults who have somehow lost the “magic” of the holiday.  But the truth is, Christmas is not magical as much as it is miraculous!  According to the Scriptures, the God of the universe takes two extraordinary steps. He first initiates the birth of His only begotten son through the willing womb of a virgin named Mary. If that were not enough, that birth represents the almost incomprehensible miracle of the divine invading earth in human flesh and dwelling among us!

When that babe wrapped in swaddling clothes became a man he made no pretense about his mission. It was to  proclaim the Kingdom of God is at hand and mark an eternal point in history where he is now “king” and the only way to a full and meaningful relationship to the Holy God of creation is through him.  That’s more than magical – that’s MIRACULOUS!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good life.



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3 responses to “The Christmas Miracle

  1. Good Christmas Eve morning, Norm.

    I love your sentiment and I agree — I take issue with a small thing, a thing I’m sure you did not really mean to imply ; that it was an object that was willing to receive the Holy Spirit and not a person. Obviously it was not “the willing womb” that made Jesus possible, but the willing handmaiden, Mary.

    Praise God for all His tender mercies.

    And Merry Christmas! Carley


  2. Norm

    Your clarification is well accepted Carley. Thanks and Merry Christmas!


  3. James Warren

    It would behoove all of us as believers Norm to take on the attitude of Mary, and just say, “Yes, Lord!”

    I pray that you had a great Christmas, you and yours. GBY real good.


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