New Look – New Features


Thursday is usually the day I post a new entry on this blog. Which, of course, this is, but it’s different from the others.  After almost 4 years, I’ll be working on a new theme and adding more content.

It won’t be long and I’ll be publishing a book on Customer Service. It’s not a topic I discuss often on this blog, but I decided it would be a tab I would add in the new design.

My greatest passion is for the Lord and doing my best to serve him.  One of the ways I do that is through writing and posting on this blog.   Another passion I have is for customer service. The kind of service that treats customers with respect and dignity. The kind of service that takes the less-traveled extra mile in taking care of customers.  Whether it’s a church or business, in very real terms, we are all customers and we are all serving customers.  Just think of the last time you visited a church. How did you feel? Rather, how did the people in that church make you feel? On your drive home did you comment about how “friendly” people were – or how cold the atmosphere seemed to be?   The difference between friendly and cold is in many respects a matter of customer service.

I’m also working on another writing project that will be detailed from time to time on the new blog. The focus is on knowing God.  I struggle a good deal with this concept and seek earnestly to come to terms with a right understanding of what it means to know God/Jesus.  In my mind that is the springboard to a deeper relationship with God and a more intimate worship experience.

Hopefully, we’ll be back up and running in a few days.  Thanks for following this blog and thank you for your support.



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