Flea Buster

Can’t say where it started but I can say how it’s going and it’s not going well!

About a month ago we took our pooch in for grooming and they noticed some baby fleas. Our dog is seven years old and never had a flea of any type that we’re aware of. We called the vet and asked why, if we were treating him regularly, just as we had the past seven years. They explained that people who had never seen fleas are now seeing them because of the unusual weather pattern here in North Carolina.  Okay, I’ll buy that but how do we get rid of them?

We’ve gone around and around trying to get these pesky critters under control and seem to be fighting a losing battle. We’ve thrown all sorts of chemicals and pills at them, even some herbal flea repellant but still they persist!  We’ve cleaned and treated the carpet, sprayed the yard, tried pills and sprays, and vacuumed so often I think I’m about to wear out the freshly cleaned carpet. We’ve even sat around with the dog between us and picked them off looking like monkey’s in the jungle picking at each other, still…..

I’m pretty certain things will return to normal soon enough as far as the fleas are concerned but it did get me thinking. There are times when an occasional sin, slip of the tongue, rude behavior, or other inconsistency in my walk with Christ soon has me infested with things that are not glorifying to the Lord. It may be something that has never been a part of my life before but an incident, a thought, or an interaction with someone triggered the aberrant behavior and now it seems like it’s almost out of control.

I’ll confess, this has happened to me on more than one occasion. Sometimes it feels like I’m living on the edge and it doesn’t take much to get me wobbling. Once I begin wobbling I know it won’t be long before I tip over. It is so frustrating.

For me, the only way to get upright again is through prayer and feeding on God’s word. There are times when it feels like I’m never going to return to normal. But I know that with consistent medication and aggressive treatment, wholeness is just around the corner.



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