Time to Reboot

Unfortunately it seems that technology mirrors my life more than I care to admit. To be clear, technology doesn’t control my life, it simply reflects areas that remind me how errant I can be when it comes to living a life that glorifies God.

For some time now my laptop has experienced what many call “the dreaded blue screen.” For non-techies like me that simply means my screen suddenly does things that are not appropriate and then the computer shuts down and I am forced to reboot the system and everything seems fine.  I’ve been living with this syndrome off and on for a couple of years now and fortunately it has not caused me to lose important files.

I spoke with a tech group about the issue and they did a couple of things they thought would fix it. It did not. So I called back and the technician was very nice and went through a couple of things that he thought should clear up the problem, but it was obvious early on that they would not. He moved the problem up the line and a senior technician gave him the solution – reinstall the operating system. Now for those who may not know, as I didn’t at first, that involves backing up all my files, wiping the hard drive clean and reinstalling the factory software. It was a solution he recommended with great reservation.

As I weighed the option, my mind began bouncing around the idea of how nice it might be to wipe my personal hard drive clean and reinstall the joy, enthusiasm, and commitment to Christ I experienced in the early days of my pilgrimage. At first I found myself enticed by the idea but the more I pondered it the more I concluded perhaps that would not be a good idea after all.

Who I am today is a result of God doing some serious software development over the years. Who I am today is certainly hindered by my own personal “blue screen” events but that doesn’t mean I’m not functional and capable of doing what God expects me to do and in a manner which he expects.   I may not be running with the efficiency and speed I experienced over 40 years ago, but I don’t mind. My hard drive is full of files that reflect God’s gracious leading, both in the good times and the bad.

Would I like to echo the psalmist’s words – “Create in me a clean heart, oh God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me?” You bet, but does that mean going back or simply reflect the psalmist desire to keep pressing forward with renewed allegiance?

Is it imperative that I understand, as Paul did, that “…those who belong to Christ have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires?” Would I count it all joy to “…live by the spirit and walk by the spirit”? Absolutely. Does any of that mean I won’t get blue-screened from time to time?  I expect not. Does that mean I stop working and quit striving after God?  Reckon we all know the answer to that.

I know there’s a very strong probability that my computer may “blue screen” again tomorrow. Heck there’s a strong probability that my commitment to Christ might find a glitch in the system tomorrow. But I can say with solid assurance I’m going to use my computer tomorrow. I can also say with similar assurance I’m going to read my Bible as I regularly do, pray as I normally do, and seek ways to honor God in all that I do.

Rebooting is a wonderful thing.




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