Was Jesus a “Snob”?

You call yourself a ‘Christian,’ but Jesus wasn’t a snob who judged people for their imperfections. You may wanna get your Bible out & check on that.”

That was how the Facebook post read.

Here’s what’s true about that little quote: Jesus didn’t judge people for their imperfections. People who were lame, blind, deaf, etc. were never judged because of their so-called imperfections. However, there’s a huge difference between imperfection and sin. If the word “imperfection” is a substitute for sin, then the quote is dead wrong. Jesus had no problem judging when it came to people’s sin. It caused him no grief to point out the sin; gave him great joy to forgive it; and caused little anxiety for him to say, “Go and sin no more.”

It seems to me the real intent behind that quote is a position of rationalization. In other words, “Don’t judge me. Jesus didn’t judge people.” You can translate that as “I can do what I darn well choose to do because no one has a right to judge me. After all, Jesus didn’t judge people.”

Now…you may want to get your Bible out and check on the fallacy of that kind of logic.

There is indeed freedom in Christ. But it’s not freedom to do whatever one chooses to do. Jesus had no problem “judging” the religious leaders. He had no problem telling them they knew neither God nor the scriptures. He had no problem telling parables about judgment. He had no problem saying the scribes would “receive greater condemnation” because of their pious habits and neglect of the widows. He had no hesitation telling the woman caught in adultery that, even though he did not condemn her, she should go and sin no more. That is, stop the behavior.  As Anne Landers said many years ago in one of her syndicated columns; “You can’t sow your wild oats six days a week and then go to church on Sunday and pray for a crop failure.”

The fact is, we come to Christ for the very reason of being confronted (judged) with our sin and it’s the repentance that results from that confrontation that offers freedom. It’s freedom to live a life of faith that is focused on honoring Christ with our life.  Not a life that is lived on our terms. You might want to check your Bible on that one too.



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2 responses to “Was Jesus a “Snob”?

  1. Jesus is God, according to Christians. Are you God? No,Then quit comparing yourself to a God, you have no right to judge… Sinner.


  2. It is the confrontation that led me OUT of the church. Judge yourself, worry about yourself, and be a good christian role model, so people will say… “he is full of love and living a good life, how do I get that?” Then… you can say have you met Jesus? You do it all wrong and lead people away from the church.


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