The Year 2015

The Plan for 2015

I’m just like most other Americans, I think about and often put down on paper my goals for the New Year.  Fortunately, I’m often successful in reaching those goals. Like millions of others there are times when I’m not.

This year, instead of goals, I thought I’d write down a few things I’d love to see happen in 2015  (Nope—no politics, the list would be way too long):

  • That I would have worthy goals
  • That I would have the courage and strength to attain those goals
  • That I would read more than I watch TV
  • That my neighbors would have their dogs poop in their yard, not mine
  • That when they don’t, they would clean up their dog’s poop
  • That people would stop, not speed up when the light turns yellow
  • That people would realize they have to pay for whatever they purchase and have their method of payment ready at the register when the time comes
  • That website creators would proof their clients content
  • That folks would quit inviting me to play on-line games. In case you haven’t noticed, I never reply
  • That Facebook would quit putting ads on my “timeline”
  • That folks would not use Facebook to display their drama in life
  • That folks would not use Facebook to carry on their love life
  • That folks would quit philosophizing about life and start living life
  • That I’d figure out a way to really remove myself from mailing lists that clog my email even after I’ve “unsubscribed”
  • That riding 150 miles a week would be reality
  • That I would again achieve the ability to leg press 400 lbs (wishful I know)
  • That I could see my neighbor more often—I miss him
  • That my wife will always know how much I appreciate her
  • That one of my neighbors would learn that rain means mud and it’s never good to park your car in the mud  🙂
  • That my wife’s Thursday night ladies night would be a blessing to everyone involved
  • That my dog would realize the yellow cat really doesn’t care about his barking nor do the squirrels
  • That folks at the gym would not use a piece of equipment as their social meeting place
  • That I would be less anxious and more confident around other people
  • That people would be patient enough to read all this and chuckle when it’s appropriate.


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2 responses to “The Year 2015

  1. Lee Bergamini

    I don’y have a clue wat my password is, probably because I never signed up with Word Press! I solved the dog poop problem. I have poop bags when walking my dog, so I picked up the poop my neighbor’s dog did, placed a note on the trash barrel with an empty poop bag. She go the point an apologized. It hasn’t happened again. Happy New year, Lee


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