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The Book of James–Part III “Who Are You?

The theme song from the original CSI always captured my attention. With poor hearing I expect it was a few years before I figured out exactly what all the words were…but the lead in; “Who are you…” always sucked me in—“Tell  me, who you are…I really want to know”.  Of course, almost predictably, they found out who the “who” was by end of show.

It’s not quite that easy with the Book of James. Continue reading


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Presumption Vs Faith

I read a good many blogs and receive a good many emails that are Bible or theology related. Most of the time, I find opportunity during my day to look at them and spend a few minutes thinking about them. Here’s a portion of one landing in my inbox: Continue reading


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What’s Easy About Faith?

What’s Easy about Faith?

This could be a really short read, but the answer to the question is “Nothing!”

There’s nothing easy about faith. There are those who would sleep walk through the idea of faith and believe they are getting with the program. I would contend they are not. There are those who see faith as a get-out-of-hell-free card and once it’s in their back pocket, the rest is easy. I would contend that’s not the case. There are those who have a convenient faith. They use it when it’s advantageous to them, or they find themselves in a bit of a pickle. Other than that, their faith is neatly tucked away like an unused library card in their wallet. Again, I would contend this type of faith is pretty much faith-less. Continue reading

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Radical Faith

When I watch sports, especially football or basketball, there’s just some things that make me scratch my head and wonder, “What in the world are they thinking?”   I’m talking about those fans who paint their bodies with team colors, wear ridiculous costumes, or go without their shirts in subzero temperatures. What goes through the mind of a person like that? Really, what kind of fan does that? Continue reading


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Face to Face – What to Do?

The other evening I watched a news piece about dozens and dozens of police officers in NY City. They were cheating the city out of millions by essentially faking disability. They were collecting “pay” for supposed disabilities like depression, physical injuries, social anxiety and more. Over a period of time Continue reading

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