A Selection of Writings & Poetry –

Why Bother With Background – Bible Study

The Yellow Rose – A short story

I Thought Of My Dad Today

Voice In The Wilderness

Whatever Happened To…

I Remember Now

Heavy Laden 5-08



On the Other Side

Demons in our Midst

Harmony of the Heart


Coming Again

The Wall

The Window

A Writer


Did You Ever (12/28)

Depressed and In His Right Mind (12/28)


2 responses to “A Selection of Writings & Poetry –

  1. Hi Norm,

    I liked the poem about the window. It sounded good. That is the one lesson in the Apprenticeship class that I really didn’t get at all. I am not good with poetry and understanding it. Although I know when something is written good or not. Good job. I have felt that way sometimes about looking out the window. So much stuff going on out there that I just close the blind or curtain and settle back down. L8R


  2. Norm

    Thanks for the comments James. I don’t know if you noticed but there is a similar one there about “the wall”. No need to go there,just an observation how sometimes my mind runs in “categories.”

    Thanks for stopping by Page 2. 🙂


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